Comments from Rev. Dan Fisher on Removing the Minuteman Image from Concord, CA School

Rev. Dan Fisher

There is a town in the People’s Republic of California named in honor of Concord, Massachusetts, where the original “shot heard round the world” was fired. That town is about 30 miles away from San Francisco. Their school has the Minuteman, holding his rifle, as their logo. But now the school board there has voted 4 to 1to replace that image with a bear (costing the taxpayers $200,000). reports on this incident, noting that “showcasing a firearm” was one of the concerns with the traditional mascot. They also say: “others wanted a name that was gender inclusive.” This is the subject of a recent column by Dr. Jerry Newcombe, executive director of Providence Forum, founded by Dr. Peter Lillback.

For that column, we asked for a comment from Rev. Dan Fisher, an expert on the American War for Independence, especially the unsung role that ministers played in it. Fisher wrote a book on that, entitled, Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment.

Here is what Dan Fisher said in an email to Jerry Newcombe (8/19/23):

It is so ironic, and yet so “wokeist” of the Concord, CA (not to be confused with Concord, MA) school board to just now become “offended” by their long-time school mascot – an image of the famous Minuteman statue near the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA where American patriots defeated the British at the Battle of Concord, April 19, 1775.  The iconic Minuteman image has come to represent liberty to countless millions of Americans for generations but somehow offends these snowflake school board members.  Give me a break!  Maybe they would be more comfortable with the hammer and sickle as their school symbol.  When will Californians go from being “woke” to “awake”?


Jerry adds:

Dan Fisher has also commented on how we should appreciate such early Americans who defended their God-given liberties in a video segment, which is part of a series of films I have made for Providence Forum on the Judeo-Christian roots of America.

Rev. Dan Fisher

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