Podcast with Dr. Carol M. Swain on Fighting Modern Day Slavery

Topic: Migrant Children and the Open Border.

The recent movie, a surprising success at the box office, SOUND OF FREEDOM, starring Jim Caviezel, deals with the tragedy of child-sex slavery. Much of the plot centers around a little boy from Honduras and his older sister. Two children kidnapped into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, at our southern border, there may be thousands of child-sex slaves pouring through our porous southern border. Dr. Carol M. Swain, a retired Vanderbilt Law School professor, who also taught at Princeton, wrote an article recently called, “The Biden Admin Just Made Involuntary Servitude Of Migrant Children Easier And Nobody Is Stopping It.” In that article, she writes, “Under our system of government, We the People elect our representatives, and they enact policies and programs on our behalf. We have enabled our leaders to avoid accountability for lax immigration policies and the human trafficking that appears to be flourishing in the United States. They’re fully capable of solving this crisis, but it’s up to us to get them to do so.” Dr. Carol M. Swain joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the dangers to children with our open borders and beyond. www.bethepeoplenews.com


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