Feature of an Update on Abortion Versus the Declaration’s Right to Life

Our nation’s birth certificate says that the Creator has endowed us with inalienable rights. These are non-negotiables. The first right they listed was the right to life. But for more than a half a century, abortion has been at war with that right to life.

Here is a television segment (aired in January 2024) produced by Providence Forum Executive Director Dr. Jerry Newcombe that aired on Truths That Transform, the television outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries (aka, D. James Kennedy Ministries). This features comments from Rev. Dean Nelson (now deceased), Katie Daniels of SBA Prolife America, and Tawannah Aman of the Broward Right to Life. One of the purposes of this segment is to explore the recent votes in favor of abortion rights in conservative states like Ohio and Kansas.

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