Podcast with Author John Eidsmoe on Ben Franklin’s Faith or Lack Thereof

Topic: Ben Franklin.The founding fathers are often presented as if they were essentially unbelievers, and people who believe that will point to Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson as examples of such. But historians like John Eidsmoe say that the vast majority of the founding fathers were professing Christians and were active members in Trinitarian churches (Trinitarian as opposed to Unitarian). John Eidsmoe is a law professor and the author of a classic book on the Christian roots of America was first released in 1987, entitled, Christianity and the Constitution. The book contains several mini-biographies. One of those is of Ben Franklin. Was he a lifelong unbeliever the way he is made out to be? John Eidsmoe joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Ben Franklin and his faith (or lack thereof). www.morallaw.org


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