Podcast with Alex McFarland on Worldviews and America, Past and Present

Topic: Worldviews in Conflict.

It was from a Christian worldview that the founders of America created this nation. The Declaration of Independence mentions God four times and says that He is the source of our rights. Dr. Alex McFarland, a frequent guest on this program and the author of 20 books, is a Christian apologist and broadcaster. He wrote recently on the importance of a Christian worldview: “Arizona Christian University conducts an annual worldview survey among incoming freshmen and other respondents. The 2023 study documents significant declines among born-again Christians, indicating that a biblical worldview does not inform their actions or decisions. A few of the survey results were alarming:

●Of American adult “born-again Christians,” only 13% hold a consistently biblical worldview.

●While 22% of preteens’ parents are born-again Christians, only 8% of the teens themselves hold a biblical worldview.

●About 1% of preteens have a biblical worldview.

●Of young teens, only 36% believe God exists and is the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of the universe.” Dr. Alex McFarland joins Jerry Newcombe to contrast the overall worldview of the founders of America with many modern professing Christians today. www.alexmcfarland.


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