Podcast with Arielle Del Turco on Threats to Religious Liberty, Especially in China and North Korea

Topic: Anti-Christian Persecution (e.g., in China and N. Korea).

America was founded for the most part for religious freedom. Patrick Henry famously said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” But tragically, religious freedom is at risk in many places around the world. The Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. is one of the groups monitoring religious freedom, or the lack thereof, around the world. Recently, for Family Research Council Arielle Del Turco wrote two reports on religious restrictions in 2 hot-spots in the world. The first publication is “Religious Freedom in China: The History, Current Challenges, and Proper Response to a Human Rights Crisis – 2023 Edition.” The synopsis says, “The People’s Republic of China restricts religious practice and oppresses religious minorities on a sweeping scale. This religious persecution targets those of every faith.” The 2nd publication is called “North Korea. North Korea: The World’s Foremost Violator of Religious Freedom – 2023 Edition.” The synopsis notes: “Shrouded in secrecy, North Korea remains one of the world’s most mysterious countries.” Arielle Del Turco joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the plight of Christians in China and North Korea. www.frc.org


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