Podcast with Author Mark Beliles—Was Thomas Jefferson a “Christian Nationalist,” Based on the New Definition?

Topic: Was Thomas Jefferson a “Christian Nationalist”?

Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian Nationalist? That question may sound absurd, but consider this. Recently, Jefferson biographer Mark Beliles wrote: “A new documentary movie by Rob Reiner is now out on the topic of Christian Nationalism…..Followers assert that ‘the US is meant to be a Christian nation and want to “take back” the US for God.’” What is a Christian Nationalist? And was Jefferson, and frankly, virtually all of the founding fathers who agreed with the Declaration of Independence, which says our rights come from God, not the state, so-called Christian nationalists? Dr. Mark Beliles and Dr. Jerry Newcombe wrote a book on the faith or lack thereof of Jefferson, entitled, Doubting Thomas. Dr. Mark Beliles joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this controversy. www.doubtingthomasbook.com


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