Podcast with Ted Baehr of Movieguide on Encouraging Worthy Movies

Topic: Light of the Gospel for Hollywood.

For good or ill, movies have a great deal of influence on us and on the country as a whole. In fact, a lot of what is pumped out of Hollywood reflects on America’s image all over the world. Dr. Ted Baehr is the publisher for the faith-based MOVIEGUIDE, which provides a Biblical critique of films. For years now MOVIEGUIDE has been holding annual Movieguide Awards to honor the good things out there when it comes to films and television programs. Dr. Ted Baehr joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the light of the Gospel for Hollywood. www.movieguide.org



Movieguide notes:

Don’t forget the watch the 31st Annual Movieguide Awards on March 7th at 8pm EST on Great American Family!

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