Podcast with Author Tyler O’Neil on the SPLC and the First Amendment

Topic: The First Amendment and the SPLC.

The First Amendment allows for free speech in America. But sometimes free speech gets abused. Conservatives note that the Southern Poverty Law Center (the SPLC) based in Montgomery, Alabama, has been falsely labeling genuine Christian ministries as supposedly hate groups. All of a sudden D. James Kennedy Ministries is akin to skinheads, claims the SPLC. The Alliance Defending Freedom, says the SPLC is right up there with the KKK. Really? Of course not. The SPLC, note critics, just makes a lot of money scaring those on the left to take out their checkbooks and support them so they can fight hate in America. Tyler O’Neil of the Heritage Foundation authored a book on the Southern Poverty Law Center (the SPLC), “Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center,”  Tyler O’Neil, managing editor of the Daily Signal of the Heritage Foundation, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss recent stories concerning the SPLC, which in the name of fighting hate actually promotes it. www.dailysignal.com


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