Podcast with Author Alex McFarland on the Impact of the Bible Including on the Founding of the USA

Topic: The Impact of the Bible.

The Bible had a lot to do with the founding of America. Several years ago I had the privilege to write a book with the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, entitled, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? This book was a follow-up to the book, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? Both of them aim to document the incredibly positive impact that Jesus and the Bible had had on our world. One man that helps proclaim the truths of the Bible to young people in particular is Alex McFarland, the founder of Truth for a New Generation. Alex speaks often in public settings as a Christian apologist. He also hosts many radio and television programs. Alex McFarland is also the author of many books. Alex McFarland joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the impact of the Bible. www.alexmcfarland.com


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