Podcast with Sheri Few on Wokeism in Modern Education

Topic: Bad Education.

Founding father James Madison of Virginia, a key architect of the Constitution, said, “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.” But we look at today’s education system, and it is shockingly bad. Hamilton Strategies writes about one recent example: “Last week the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board voted to spend $50,000 to educate teachers on how to replace ‘White supremacy culture practices’ in math instruction with methods that center on the ‘wellness of students of color.’ The instruction advises that a focus on finding the correct answer in class is an example of White supremacy infiltrating schools.” Sheri Few is the founder and president of a parental group to help promote good education in America. Her group is called U.S. Parents Involved in Education or USPIE.org. Sheri Few joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss bad education today. www.uspie.org


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