Podcast with Chad Stewart on the Loss of Creativity in Much of Our Education Today

Topic: Cultivating Creativity in our Kids.

Some have said, “Imagination rules the world.” I just heard of an interesting irony in history. A young man who worked at a newspaper was fired because he supposedly lacked imagination. That man was Walt Disney. The founding fathers of America imagined independence from Great Britain, while clinging to their God-given rights. But today there is a lack of imagination too often to be found in our education system. As author Chad Stewart, the creator of the Britfield series of adventure novels notes, since the 1990s, schools have too often: “1. Killed curiosities, 2. Narrowed visions and minds. 3. Lowered expectations,” and “killed deep thoughts and imagination.” Chad Stewart, the creator of the Britfield and Lost Crown series, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss cultivating creativity in our children. www.Britfield.com


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