Podcast with Dr. Marlene McMillan on American Liberty

Topic: American Liberty.

America’s founders created a nation that recognized our God-given rights as the source of our liberty. Dr. Marlene McMillan has a website called whylibertymatters.com, wherein she contrasts the Tree of Liberty versus the Tree of Bondage and Tyranny. For example, with the Tree of Liberty, there are moral absolutes, principles of truth, law and abide and self-governing people, good character, free enterprise limited civil government, recognition of God as our source. In contrast, with the Tree of Bondage and Tyranny, we have moral relativism, rampant deceit, lawlessness, feelings constantly changing, self-indulgence, where government is “god”—small g. She says, “People who live in liberty think differently than people who live in bondage.” Dr. Marlene McMillan joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss American Liberty. www.whylibertymatters.com


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