Podcast with Dr. Richard Land on Passing Our Heritage on to the Next Generation

Topic: Teaching Our Heritage to the Next Generation

How important is it to teach our nation’s Christian heritage, and even basic civics, to the next generation? Dr. Richard Land, retired seminary president and the executive editor of the Christian Post, writes, “Let us tell our story to our young people and urge them to take up the cause and lift the torch of freedom high enough for all to see. Will Durant, one of the great historians of the last century, has observed that ‘history is to a nation what memory is to an individual. … Without memory a person is unknowable to himself and anyone else.’ You deprive a nation of its history and that nation loses its identity, its meaning and its frame of reference. Unfortunately, that is what we have too often done to our young people in recent years. We have either utterly neglected our history or we have distorted it by claiming that we were founded on slavery — which is malicious, malignant nonsense.” Dr. Richard Land joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss passing on our heritage. www.christianpost.com


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