Podcast with Dr. Richard Weikart on God-Given Rights Vs. State-Run Tyranny, Such as the Nazis

Topic: God-given Rights Vs. State-run Tyranny.

America is predicated on the notion of God-given rights. America’s founders said they expected the people needed to be virtuous for the Constitution to work. They also said that religion, by which they meant Christianity, was the primary means to sustain virtue among the people. That was then. Fast forward to the 20th century, where we saw the rise of many –isms that are at war with “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.” One of the most evil of those –isms were Hitler and the Nazis. One of the greatest modern scholars on Hitler and the Nazis is Dr. Richard Weikart, a semi-retired history professor in a California university. He’s also of several books, including From Darwin to Hitler and Hitler’s Religion. Dr. Richard Weikart joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the contrast between God-given rights versus state-run tyranny, particularly as seen in the Nazis.  www.darwintohitler.com


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