Podcast with Frank Gaffney on National Security Concerns

Topic: National Security.

The founders said that one of the chief purposes of our federal government is defense…it’s national security. But that security is at risk today. Consider this. Hamilton Strategies writes, “Which is worse, the World Economic Forum (WEF) or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? The WEF wants to confine you to living in claustrophobic spaces called ‘15-minute cities,’ and the CCP has declared the U.S. Constitution is its enemy; the CCP is determined to obliterate the Constitution and the freedoms it protects. The WEF wants you to get used to the idea of eating bugs and owning NOTHING. The CCP is working hard to ensure the Biden administration imposes a tyrannical social credit scoring system to control everyone the same way the CCP absolutely controls the citizens of China, leading to more lockdowns, more mandates for social isolation and wearing a mask to be in a public space. How has the CCP gained such power in the US? Frank Gaffney tells us in his book.” The new book is called, The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes against America, China and the World. Frank Gaffney, who served in the Reagan Administration and later founded the Center for Security Policy, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss national security. www.securefreedom.org


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