Podcast with Homeschool Expert Thea Shoemake on Turning American Education Around

Topic: Homeschooling

If America is ever going to get turned around, one of the key areas that needs to be changed is education—including education in America’s true history. Homeschooling is one of the avenues that many concerned parents are beginning to pursue. Many of our founding fathers and key American leaders, like Abraham Lincoln, were home-taught. Publius National Post writes:

“During the pandemic, interest in homeschooling spiked. Thea (TAY-ya) Shoemake, an experienced educator, who had homeschooled her own children, was inspired to develop an online platform to help parents, who were considering making the switch…[She] created Homeschool Ready or Not” to help parents get involved in homeschooling. Thea Shoemake, homeschooling specialist joins Jerry Newcombe to provide an overview on homeschooling. www.homeschoolreadyornot.com


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