Podcast with Jim Harden on the Right to Life Versus Abortion, Including Update on Recent SCOTUS Ruling

Topic: The Abortion Pill and the Supreme Court

The Constitution of the United States is predicated on the Declaration of Independence, which says our rights come from the Creator and the first of these rights enumerated is the right to life. But abortion rights are at war with the right to life. One of the defenders of human life is Jim Harden, the CEO of Compass Care, a pro-life ministry. Lately, more than 50% of abortions in America are conducted through the abortion pill. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled against a challenged to the abortion pill because, they said, the plaintiffs lacked standing. That doesn’t mean they might not revisit the issue. Jim Harden joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the battle over abortion, including the abortion pill. www.compasscarecommunity.com

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