Podcast with Mike Farris on Religious Liberty in America, Past and Present

Topic: Religious Liberty in America Past and Present.

It is ironic that religious liberty would be at risk in America ever. The nation was settled and founded primarily by Christians of different denominations, but when they created the federal government and the Constitution, one concern was that there be guarantees of religious freedom in our governing document. So the first right in the First Amendment ensured religious liberty. But too often the courts and the legal establishment have turned the First Amendment (especially the establishment clause) on its head. What did the founders intend for religious expression in the public arena and does that conform with what we have today? To help unpack all this is Constitutional attorney Mike Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom (the ADF). He even served as the immediate past president of the ADF, which was founded by D. James Kennedy, Bill Bright, James Dobson, and others. Mike Farris joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss such issues as: When it comes to religious liberty, what did the founders intend versus what we have today? If the left had their way, would we even religious freedom? What about religious expression in the public square? www.adflegal.org


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