Podcast with Neil Mammen on America and Wokeism

Topic: America and Wokeism.

America was founded on the premise of self-evident truths. The founders pledged to each other, with God’s help, everything they had for the support of their Declaration of Independence. But today a form of cultural Marxism has infiltrated the halls of government, the military, the schools, the media, the corporations—even some churches. Meanwhile, should Christians be involved in politics? The Woke essentially say if we do, we are supposedly guilty of Christian Nationalism. Neil Mammen is a Christian apologist and an author of 2 books. One of his books is called Jesus Was/IS involved in Politics! Why aren’t you? Why isn’t your Church? Neil Mammen, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the threats of Wokeism and Christians getting involved, even in politics. www.everyblm.com


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