Podcast with Neil Mammen on America and Wokeness

Topic: America and Wokeism.

Of the Americans on the eve of the Revolution, the late historian Carl Bridenbaugh asked, “Who can deny that for them the very core of existence was their relation to God?” And that was at a time when, according to the research of Ben Hart, 99.8% of the Americans were professing Christians. But today, we see the rise of Wokeism, which is at war with historic Christianity. Even if such Wokeism is found among professing Christians. One thinker and writer who warns against Wokeism, which is essentially cultural Marxism, is Neil Mammen, founder of noblindfaith.com. Neil Mammen joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Wokeism and the church, Wokeism versus America’s true founding. There are ways to discover non-Woke churches where you live, observes Mammen. www.mychurchfinder.org


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