Podcast with Stan Jantz on an Ambitious Plan to Spread the Christian Message

Topic: An Ambitious Plan to Spread the Christian Message.

Many historians provide ample evidence that America was founded on principles from the Bible. As the Supreme Court itself in 1892, after examining the key colonial charters and founding documents, declared “This is a Christian nation.” Fast forward to today, and we see a great need for a revival of Christianity. Recently, there has been a wonderful series of films and television programs called “The Chosen,” with a fresh approach to the life of Jesus Christ. And this positive message is being used to reach people not in America, but all around the world. Stan Jantz is the CEO of the Come and See Foundation, which is at work to make the message of “The Chosen” available to about 95% of the world’s population. They plan to do this work “to the ends of the earth.” Pinkston Communications writes, “You can see a preview of their incredible translation work here.” Stan Jantz joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this great work. www.comeandseefoundation.org


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