Podcast with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the Bible and the State of the Economy

Topic: The State of the Economy from a Biblical Perspective.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, wrote recently, “It seems that in America we’re enduring a shortage of almost everything. Water, electricity, oil, paper, eggs, plastic, and trees. Don’t you think that with American ingenuity, resources, capital, and manpower, these shortages could be eliminated forever?” In contrast to this, the Rabbi concludes, “A principal attribute of the Lord is that He is limitless in every sense. He can bestow limitless abundance upon His children. Rejoice in your closeness to Him and enjoy His abundance. Reject Him and you will suffer the opposite of abundance—shortage. That’s right. Secularism is the religious doctrine of shortage. As America abandoned God in a long and lamentable sixty-year journey, it has embraced the doctrine of shortage. Just as I see abundance as validation of my faith in God, the religion of Secular Fundamentalism sees shortage as validation of their faith.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the issue, including the big problem of cancel culture. www.rabbidaniellapin.com


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