Podcast with Scientist Dr. Ann Gauger on Questioning Human Evolution, a Belief in Which Undermines the Creator

The Declaration of Independence says our rights come from the Creator. But what if there is no Creator? A few years ago in Kenya archaeologists found an ancient ape skull. They claimed that it is supposedly 13 million years old and that it may help us understand “a little-understood time when many species of ape arose in Africa, including common ancestors of both modern apes and humans,” per Robert Ferris, writing for cnbc.com (8/9/17). Is this a “missing link”? Is the classic timeline, showing apes evolving to men, in any way accurate? Dr. Ann Gauger is with the Biologic Institute of the Discovery Institute. She earned her BS in biology from MIT, her Ph.D. in developmental biology from the University of Washington. She did some post-doctorate work at Harvard. She is the co-author of “Science and Human Origins.” Dr, Ann Gauger talks with Jerry Newcombe on how such claims as that skull supposedly proving evolution are grossly exaggerated. www.discovery.org


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