Podcast with Terry Schilling on Judge Katanji Brown Jackson

The founders envisioned the Supreme Court to be the weakest of the three branches. But through judicial activism, the courts have become very powerful. Many conservatives are concerned about President Biden’s nominee to the high court because of her track record of “judicial activism,” which means legislating (not adjudicating) from the bench. Terry Schilling, the president of American Principles Projected responded, “In a move that should surprise no one, Joe Biden has committed to putting a left-wing ideologue on the Supreme Court. Judge Brown Jackson’s record makes clear that her rulings will be based on achieving desired outcomes, not following the law or the Constitution. Her nomination continues a long trend by the Democrats of politicizing our nation’s judiciary in an attempt to impose their unpopular, radical views on such issues as abortion and sex on the rest of the country via undemocratic means.” Terry Schilling joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the judicial philosophy of Judge Katanji (soft-g, like -jee) Brown Jackson. www.americanprinciplesproject.org


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