Podcast with Tom DeRosa on the Creator’s Handiwork

Topic: Social Impact of Darwinism.

America’s founders said that our rights come from the Creator. But belief in the Creator has been significantly undermined by the acceptance of Darwinism. Meanwhile, some scholars note that the social impact of Darwinism on humanity has been disastrous. For example, is there a link between evolution and Hitler? We know that Hitler set out to create the Master Race. Some scholars note that the Nazis systematically set out to speed up human evolution. They tried to kill off supposedly inferior human beings—and thus, they killed 6 million Jews plus millions of Gentiles in the Holocaust. The numbers there are not fully known, but the estimates are that the Nazis killed 6-11 million Gentiles, including Gypsies and Slavs. Evolution’s Fatal Fruit is a book by Tom DeRosa of Creation Studies Institute, which is based in Ft. Lauderdale and an outgrowth of D. James Kennedy Ministries. Tom DeRosa joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the social impact of Darwinism. www.creationstudies.org




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