Podcast with Mark Beliles on the War on America’s Past

Topic: The War on America’s Past.

In Communist China, in the 1960s they underwent the cultural revolution, where they sandblasted virtually anything from the past. They also killed nuns and priests and pastors and destroyed churches. Here in America, to a far lesser degree, we are seeing a cultural revolution of sorts. There is a war on America’s past. Hundreds of historical statues have been toppled or damaged. Founding fathers whom previous generations have honored are now often vilified. Tens of millions of children who attend schools or even graduate are very ignorant about important but lesser known founding fathers, like Patrick Henry, John Witherspoon, John Jay. Dr. Mark Beliles co-founded Providence Foundation to educate people about American history, in particular our Christian roots. Dr. Mark Beliles joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the war on America’s past. www.americatransformationcompany.com


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