Various Media Appearances of Dr. Jerry Newcombe to Promote Providence Forum

Various media appearances of Jerry Newcombe on America’s Christian roots…

***Here is Dr. Tim Clinton of Liberty interviewing Dr. Jerry Newcombe for Memorial Day considerations (May 2024). This includes thoughts on Israel’s right to defend itself.

***Here is Kerby Anderson on Point of View interviewing Jerry Newcombe on how prayer has been a major part of the American experience (April 2024).

***Here is David Brody interviewing Jerry Newcombe about the godless void in much of today’s education for Real America’s Voice.

***Here is Dave Krieger of the Power Hour interviewing Jerry Newcombe about prayer in American history and the National Day of Prayer (April 19, 2024)

***Here is Kerby Anderson interviewing Jerry Newcombe on Point of View on “What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?”

***Here is a conversation on the Pilgrims on Ken and Deb from Moody Radio interviewing Jerry Newcombe.

***Here‘s a classic interview from Janet Parshall, talking with Mark Beliles and Jerry Newcombe about their book on Thomas Jefferson and his faith or the lack thereof, Doubting Thomas.

***Here’s a print article by Lynette Kittle for that mentions Providence Forum and Jerry Newcombe. (See points # 4 and 6).

***Here’s a video review by a Baptist pastor on the book, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?, which includes some chapters on the Christian influence on the founding of America and American liberties. This book was written by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe and was published in 1994 by Thomas Nelson.

***Here’s a short clip of Dr. Jerry Newcombe commenting on Thanksgiving in an interview by Dr. Tim Clinton for “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson”

***Here‘s Dan Ball of Real America in a short clip with Jerry Newcombe on George Washington’s legacy of faith.

***Here is a report on CBN by Paul Strand on America’s Christian roots, which includes comments from Jerry Newcombe.

***Listen to Jerry Newcombe as a guest of Carrie Abbot of the Legacy Institute on the subject of Providence and American History.


***Watch Jerry Newcombe on Virginia Prodan’s podcast on getting Americans to appreciate what we have in this country. Here is more information on this podcast.

***Jerry Newcombe is a guest of Jason Rapert talking about God and country, including Thomas Jefferson.

*Jerry Newcombe was a guest talking about America’s Christian Heritage on the “City of God” podcast with Dr. Robert J. Pacienza and John Rabe. 

*Jerry Newcombe and John Rabe, both of D. James Kennedy Ministries, appeared with Jason Bermas on American Media Periscope to discuss “Intolerant,” a TV-special on religious liberty.

*Jerry Newcombe was a guest on American Media Periscope with Jason Bermas on the subject of “Endowed By Their Creator.”

*Here is Gary Bauer interviewing Jerry Newcombe on Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson about “Endowed By Their Creator.”

*Here is Roger Marsh talking with Jerry Newcombe about “Endowed By Their Creator” and the DJKM production, “Intolerant” (attacks against religious liberty). 

*Recently Gary Bauer interviewed Jerry Newcombe about “Endowed By Their Creator.”

*Listen to Jerry Newcombe being interviewed by Dan Elmendorf for Redeemer Broadcasting on “Endowed By Their Creator.”

*Hear Dr. Greg Seltz of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty interview Jerry Newcombe on the social impact of Jesus, including our freedoms in America.

*Jerry Newcombe was interviewed by Alex McFarland for an AFA radio show.

*Jerry Newcombe was Alex McFarland’s guest on a radio call-in program, available here

*By God’s grace, I was a guest of Sean Morgan who is “making sense of the madness” on American Media Periscope. Their first guest was Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, and then they featured me with portions of “Endowed by Their Creator.” You can view it here

*On June 2, 2023, Jerry Newcombe was a guest for a 5 minute interview on Victory News on religious freedom. Jerry’s interview begins about 16:25 from the top.

***Here‘s a classic interview of Jerry Newcombe by Kim Kennedy on radio as to how America has forgotten God—Jerry’s book is called “American Amnesia”

Dr. Rob Pacienza

Listen to Dr. Robert J. Pacienza, president of Coral Ridge Ministries and host of Truths That Transform and the City of God Podcast, talk with Dr. Jerry Newcombe about Providence and American history.

Watch Dr. Jerry Newcombe being interviewed by Chaplain Gordon Klingenshmidt on the War on America as founded. 


*Abraham Hamilton, hosting the Hamilton Corner on AFA radio, spoke with Jerry Newcombe, May 18, 2023.

*Alex McFarland, guest hosting the Hamilton Corner on AFA radio, spoke with Jerry about the Foundation series and our nation’s Christian roots. 

*Jason Rapert’s program. Former state Arkansas legislator Jason Rapert, who founded, talks with Jerry Newcombe about “We the People.” 

*VCY America – Jim Schneider interviewed Jerry about the war on our past, with mentions of the Foundation film series. Listen here.

*The Charlie Kirk Show:

America’s Great Awakenings with Dr. Jerry Newcombe

Wednesday, March 1 (2023)

Before each great political transformation in American life, there was first a great religious transformation. Historian and Providence Forum president Jerry Newcombe joins Charlie to explain how the moral revolution of the First Great Awakening paved the way for the American Revolution and Constitution, and how the spiritual revolt against slavery then drove abolition in the 1800s. Dr. Newcombe then debunks the myths about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and what they really believed about God, the church, and government.

*Here is part 1 of Jerry appearing on Charlie Kirk to discuss revivals and Great Awakenings and other aspects of the Foundation series, of which “We the People” is the latest installment. Here is part 2.

*WATCH this TV special from American Media Periscope hosted by Sean Morgan, which features portions of “We the People”


*LISTEN to Kerby Anderson talk with Jerry Newcombe about “We the People”…Jerry’s portion begins at about 1:08:00 from the top.

File photo: Kerby Anderson interviews Jerry Newcombe

*Jerry was a guest on “Face the Culture” with Kim Kennedy and Pastor Steve Gruen, discussing “We the People”—available here.

*HERE is an article in IBELIEVE.COM by writer Lynette Kittle on the “forgotten presidents” that references Jerry Newcombe and the TV special, “We the People”

*Neil Haley interviewed Jerry Newcombe on RADIO about “We the People” (as well as our DJKM film, “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?” based on the D. James Kennedy-Jerry Newcombe book with the same title).

***Watch an interview on CTVN with Jerry Newcombe re George Washington

***Listen to Alex McFarland talking with Jerry Newcombe about George Washington

***Listen here to Kerby Anderson of Point of View radio talk with Jerry Newcombe about the film on George Washington.

***Jerry Newcombe was a guest on Cornerstone-TV, based in Pennsylvania, to discuss the George Washington film. You can view it here or here

***The film was highlighted on CBN’s Newsletter.

***The film was briefly highlighted on CBN’s The 700 Club.

***Jerry Newcombe was a guest on a segment on One American News Network to discuss Washington

***Here’s an appearance on Newxmax-TV on the Chris Salcedo program. Jerry’s part comes at about 51:00 in. 

***I was a guest on AFA radio  for a few minutes with Tim Wildmon to talk about the GW film. 

***I was a guest on Eric and Brigitte on WRMB, a Moody radio affiliate (South Florida)

***This film was based in part on the classic book by Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. Here is an interview from April 2023 on that classic book. The interviewer is Dr. Danny Yamashiro, an evangelical chaplain at M.I.T.

***Roger Marsh spoke with Jerry Newcombe recently on the faith of George Washington. Hear it here.


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