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Thanksgiving 2021 was a milestone—Thanksgiving was first celebrated 400 years ago in 1621. There is a new Providence Forum documentary telling the true story of the Pilgrims. In their own words, they came “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

This documentary, THE PILGRIMS, celebrates the journey of a small group of outcasts in their quest for religious freedom. Guests in this particular episode include: Dennis Prager, Alveda King, Paul Jehle, Leo Martin, Rod Gragg, Bill Federer, and William Wrestling Brewster, the great-grandson (by 9x) of the defacto Pilgrim Pastor, Elder Brewster. This special was produced by Dr. Jerry Newcombe and is a presentation of the Providence Forum.

What Others Are Saying About “The Pilgrims”:

  • “Excellent video” – Pat Robertson, (Former) Host of the 700 Club
  • “Brilliant…absolutely wonderful.” –Paul Strand, CBN News-TV Producer/Reporter
  •  “timely…riveting…I believe Dr. Newcombe’s film is a must see for Americans today.” –ALEX MCFARLAND, Christian apologist/author   
  •  “awesome…terrific…inspiring”-MOVIEGUIDE®
  • “A must watch for all Americans, especially young people! It is a quick, yet thorough, real education on the Pilgrims, and the back story, for such a time as this!”  -Tracy Pons, Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA.COM) (Home school leader)
  • “Awesome” –Christian publisher, Jerry Nordskog
  •  “Sets the record straight about the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.” Thomas Mann-Librarian, Broward County
  •  “Masterpiece.” –Rod Gragg, historian, author of “The Pilgrim Chronicles”
  •  “Jerry, thanks for sending the first installment in what will surely become an important and popular series — congratulations to you, and may you enjoy strength and providential power as you continue to progress through our amazing history.” –Michael Medved, Bestselling author/Talk Radio Host
  •  “Taught me the history I never learned” –Joe Huggins, Former executive producer of “The Coral Ridge Hour” (which he named)
  • One man who monitors television ratings noted in reference to portions of the Pilgrims special: “It was a great program that every family in America should see. The audience liked it.” 


Portions of this special have aired and can be seen on TRUTHS THAT TRANSFORM .

On November 14 and 21, 2021, around the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Truths That Transform (TTT), the flagship program of D. James Kennedy Ministries, hosted by Dr. Frank Wright, showed portions of Dr. Jerry Newcombe’s documentary, “The Pilgrims.” This documentary is a production of Providence Forum (founded by Dr. Peter Lillback). Providence Forum is now a part of D. James Kennedy Ministries, and Jerry Newcombe is the executive director.

The first PORTION (Nov. 14 of TTT) explains who the Pilgrims were.

The second PORTION (Nov. 21) explains some of what they dealt with once the Mayflower landed in America.

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CBN did a REPORT on the film on Thanksgiving 2020.

Here’s a short trailer of THE PILGRIMS….

Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
The recent war on history threatens to erase America’s past. The Pilgrims, hailed by Movieguide as inspiring, combats the lies to reveal America’s true history.

Speaker 2:
The Pilgrims. They were poor. They were outcasts. They were enemies of the state for their refusal to submit to the Church of England.

Speaker 3:
The Mayflower was a cargo ship, but the most precious cargo that was carried across the Atlantic were the ideas in the hearts of the pilgrims that were drawn from the Bible.

Dennis Prager:
The pilgrims did experiment with this socialism or communalism, and they realized it didn’t work. It is against human nature.

Speaker 5:
Half their number died. This is not what they signed up for at all.

Leo Martin:
But what the pilgrims did in Plymouth is absolutely amazing. Not only did they start self-rule, they started free trade, capitalism, land ownership, all in 10 years with 51 people. So the shadow they cast was an amazing shadow.

Speaker 1:
The real story is more fantastic than fiction.

Speaker 7:
The pilgrims had good relationships with the Indians. The pilgrims were kind to the Indians. They showed them love. They showed them compassion. They showed them the godly way to live.

Speaker 3:
You see the seeds of liberty, both religious liberty and civil liberty, and the idea of self-government and rule from within. All these are within that body of pilgrims.

Dennis Prager:
The pilgrims founded America for all intents and purposes.

Speaker 1:
Find out what everyone is talking about. Watch this new documentary to see God’s providence in the lives of the pilgrims.


The film has now been translated into Chinese (using subtitles).

Note: This documentary, The Pilgrims, which celebrates the journey of a small group of outcasts in their  quest for religious freedom, is the first episode of The Foundation of American Liberty series by award-winning TV-producer and author Dr. Jerry Newcombe (on behalf of Providence Forum), highlighting the critical role that the Judeo-Christian tradition played in the shaping of America. Guests in the series include Os Guinness, Eric Metaxas, John Eidsmoe, Cal Beisner, David Gibbs, Peter Lillback (the founder of Providence Forum), Jenna Ellis, Father Leon Hutton, Rev. Billy Falling, the late Walter Williams, Marshall Foster, Daniel Dreisbach, Judge (Ret.) Darrell White, and Joyce Burgess, etc. Voice work in different parts of the series include Mike Huckabee, Richard Land, Michael Medved, Allen West, Nick Mancuso, Jim Angle, etc.

One of my recent COLUMNS mentions “The Pilgrims” special. This column deals with the Pilgrims and the Indians.

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